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Forgotten Hero John Devoy To Rise Again In Bronze Form

YONKERS, NY – Forgotten Heroes rarely receive the place of honor they deserve, and Mike Flood is dead set on changing that. Flood and the John Devoy Committee of New York are spearheading a new effort to commission a life-size bronze statue of the Irish Freedom Fighter in a prominent space in Naas, County Kildare on the approval of local authorities.

The fundraising campaign is the brainchild of Mike Flood, whose experiences during the Vietnam War inspired him to take on this project to honor Devoy. He writes, “We know about the horrors of war. Let our cause be about honoring history and a great Kildare man, John Devoy, who fought so diligently for the cause of Irish Freedom.”

The Committee, which is a subcommittee of the County Kildare Association of New York, is the organizational force behind the John Devoy Memorial Fund and has set a goal to raise $45,000 to erect the statue. The statue will be placed in the same town where Devoy worked before his arrest and incarceration for his political activities in the name of Irish freedom.

After five years of incarceration in a British jail, Devoy spent the rest of his life in New York City, where he played a key role in the struggle for self-determination for his home country, organizing and raising money for assistance with the Easter Rebellion of 1916. Perhaps Devoy’s best known exploit was organizing the daring rescue in 1875 of six of his comrades from Fremantle Prison in Western Australia aboard the ship Catalpa. Sadly, Devoy’s legacy has been somewhat forgotten in Ireland following his death in 1928.

The statue in Naas will revive interest in this great hero who has been largely forgotten by history as Irish at home and abroad prepare for the centennial of the Easter Rebellion in 2016. The target date for the erection of the statue is September, 2015, six months before the anniversary of the Centennial. In addition to the far reaching online donation drive, the Committee is organizing various fundraisers, concerts and special events. To find out more information or to make a donation, visit

Visit the site today and get involved in helping to ensure this rebel leader and hero receives the recognition he rightly deserves.

Terence Burke

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