Open Letter From Mike Flood

Open Letter From Mike Flood

Dear Friends,

As many of you know my name is Mike Flood and I am formally from Kilmeade, Athy, County Kildare. I emigrated to this great country on January 31st, 1964 at 18 years old. I am here 50 years today. God Bless Ireland and God Bless the good old USA.

During the Vietnam War I was drafted in early 1968 and joined the United States Marine Corps on March 18, 1968. By the end of September 1968, I was on the ground in Vietnam. I was badly wounded on February 24th, 1969. After 3 months in hospitals, I was back in Vietnam with about four months to serve. I was wounded again in October 1969 and I still suffer from lots of Post-Traumatic Stress. However, I feel blessed, and perhaps, all of the above has inspired me to take on this project of honoring John Devoy, the “Forgotten Hero”. Enough about myself, now let’s finish this noble and historic cause and get the statue of John Devoy erected in Naas as soon as possible.

This project has been on my mind for about two years, ever since I read an Op-Ed piece in the Irish Echo by Terry Golway. What caught my eye was the name of Terry’s book, “The Irish Rebel” that was published in 1998. We know about the horrors of war. Let our cause be about honoring history and a great Kildare man, John Devoy, who fought so diligently for the cause of Irish Freedom. Let’s get the statue up in Poplar Square, Naas A.S.A.P.

We are all members of the Kildare Association, however, we are an independent subcommittee, tasked with the goal of raising money for erecting a bronze statue in honor of John Devoy in Poplar Square. We will discuss all of the options and costs at future meetings to be held at the Heritage Bar under the picture of the “Catalpa”, the ship used by John Devoy for his dramatic rescue of Irish prisoners from Western Australia.

In the Marines, the drill instructors would yell “JUMP” and we would reply with “HOW HIGH, SIR?” So, Let’s Jump. God Bless You All.


Mike Flood

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